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The Day We Caught the Train: Part 1

Oooh boy, yesterday’s post was HEAV-VEE. Emotionally draining to unload about my depresh (and probs emotionally a bit draining to read) so let’s do something CUTE today. Something fluffy. Something marshmallowy. Oooh. I know. I’ll tell you about the time Annie and I took a train trip. Well, I’ll try. When we went to Fiji… Continue reading The Day We Caught the Train: Part 1

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Meditations on Meditation: Part 1

Earlier this year I read Lost Connections by Johann Hari. It’s very good and I loved it and not JUST because there are celebrity endorsements on the cover. It’s all about the “real” causes of depression, and look, I know I should probably be dubious of anything that claims to be the “real” truth because… Continue reading Meditations on Meditation: Part 1