Blog launch party

Done. Twenty blog posts published. My self-imposed ban on waiting to tell people that this blog exists is over. I can now email the link to my mum, so that she can pretend that she reads it and I can pretend to believe her. I should definitely do some sort of… welcome.

But what should I do?

Thinking dimple.
… hang on, the ad break’s over. Wow. Thomas from My Kitchen Rules might have the smallest mouth I’ve ever seen. I wonder if he takes smaller bites of food than most people. Does it mean he eats less overall? Or would he just compensate for it by chewing really fast?

Alan? Alan?
Ok, right, so, a welcome. Maybe I should throw a party! A blog launch party.

Ok, let’s do it. What do you think, Responsible Kate?

I think that you cannot host a party when you’re in your pyjamas with wet hair. Perhaps you could schedule it for a more appropriate time?

It doesn’t look that bad, does it?

The Thinker.
Ugh. At least dry it off. And get changed!


Ok. What do you think? Can we have the party now?

Sheepish in a bearish hat.
Did you fix your hair? Or did you just put your bear hat on to hide it?

Maybe just the bear hat. But look! I put eyeliner on!

Just you wait for the makeup tutorials.
Not good enough. And you’re still in your pyjamas!

But they’re so cuddly. Do I reeeeeally have to go do my hair?

But mummmmmmmmmmm?
The longer you sit here, the more time you waste.


Ok, NOW can we throw the party?

Party approval seeking.

What are you wearing?

It’s that top I got on sale a month ago. The one with the weird sleeves. It’s messed up, right? It’s like I have a cape, but only on one side! And it’s on PURPOSE! People who do fashion are weird.

Is it... is it a wing?
…so this is the top that you are too scared to wear outside? Because you can’t work out how to match it with any of your pants or skirts?

Little bit.

Definitely a little bit.
Are you still in your pyjama pants?

Little bit.

They have flowers on them.

If you want a party, you will need to wear appropriate clothing. Go put on a dress.


I think Responsible Kate will be most pleased with this turn of events.
Totes a lady.
Is that a ballgown?

Totes. Nailed it. Even put earrings in.

I got this.
I appreciate the effort, but this is a party for a blog. And you keep saying you’re “launching” it, but I’m fairly certain that you just mean you’re going to post a link on your Facebook page. Does a ballgown seem like it’s maybe, perhaps, going a bit too far?

Are you saying I have to get dressed AGAIN?

Petulant child.
Yes. And I don’t think I didn’t notice that you left your pyjama pants on under that gown.


I’m almost too scared to ask.

Don't get mad at me.
Much better!

Oh, lovely! Can we have the party now?

Well, I don’t see why not. Although, I’ve been meaning to ask… what does a launch party for a blog actually look like?

Pretty much just this.

If my name were Kat, this would be Kat in a Hat.

Does that hat say Happy Birthday?

Little bit.


Where did you get that?

Found it.


Should you wrap this up somehow? Congratulate anyone who’s bothered to read this far? Tell them what your blog is about? Welcome them to leave comments?

These things sound like… elephant farts. Phffffft. PhhFFFFFT.

Farty noises and hats are all too much excitement for one day.
…I don’t even know where to start with you.

7 thoughts on “Blog launch party”

  1. Nice launch … Still have no idea what your blog will be about but will read on… Big like so far… I’m giggling insanely at my desk….Yay you will still be able to make me giggle even when I’m at my new job 🙂

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